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Eat this…don’t eat that! It can be confusing to navigate all the diets out there. The internet is full of tips on what you should and shouldn’t eat to lose weight, be healthier, and live longer. Choosing the right diet for you is like picking the perfect NBA playoff bracket. Some diets are slam dunks, while others fall flat. Follow along as we explore some of the most popular diets to see which ones make it to the championship.

You might have heard about the recent food recalls with worries about E coli in romaine lettuce and salmonella in eggs. What’s going on, and should you be worried? 

Roasting is a dry cooking technique where hot, dry air surrounds the food for an even cook. Roasting is great for large cuts of meat or vegetables. Here are four simple steps on how to roast the perfect chicken.

Do you ever find yourself staring at the drooped, wilted, and overripe fruits and vegetables in your fridge that you paid good money for? Don’t be so quick to throw them out! Keep reading for some easy tips to use your ugly fruits and floppy vegetables.

While Wakanda is a rich country and could afford the best ingredients, it would also probably be influenced by the traditional meals of countries it shares borders with. 

What would those meals look like? Meals from these areas tend to be affordable and full of fruits and vegetables. Let’s explore some of the traditional foods from countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda that you can eat like a Wakandan right at home.

Getting kids to eat healthy can be tough. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve pulled three healthy, GREEN recipes that kids will love. The best part? They’re kid-friendly to make, so grab your mini-chef and start cooking!

Looking for healthy chicken recipes? We’ve got you covered!

Whole30 is a type of diet described as a temporary nutrition “reset.” What foods are restrictied, and is it the right diet for you?

The United States has had a recent E. Coli outbreak that infected over 20 people across 15 states. What exactly is E. coli, and what can you do to protect yourself from getting it?

It’s that time of the year again! New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s mind. This is when people promise to be healthier versions of themselves by doing things like joining a gym or going on a diet. Sometimes people get carried away with their goals, making it hard to keep them as the weeks go on. Here are 6 simple goals to make for the new year to help you reach your healthiest self!