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3 healthy chicken recipes you don’t want to miss

Written by Taylor Newman, MS/DI student | Edited by Laurel Sanville, MS, RDN, LD

Looking for healthy chicken recipes? We’ve got you covered! 

1. Chicken noodle soup

2. Baked lemon chicken

3. Apple and chicken salad

chicken noodle soup recipe

This is an easy comfort food recipe for those cold winter nights. It’s low in sodium, provides plenty of protein, and is a good source of potassium, which can help reduce blood pressure. Find out more nutrition information for this great recipe here.


Baked lemon chicken recipe

Lemon juice, garlic, and herbs is an easy way to season chicken without using salt. Pair this recipe with roasted vegetables for a delicious home cooked meal! Find out more nutrition information for this recipe here.


apple and chicken salad recipe

A healthier version of a picnic favorite. Replacing half of the mayonnaise with plain non-fat Greek yogurt cuts down on the fat content. Adding red apples provides a pop of color and a nice crunch to every bite. Find out more nutrition information for this great recipe here.




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